The unusual proposal of Alberto Gamero to Queiroz


The Millionaires coach touched the topic of the qualifiers to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Alberto Gamero

Alberto Gamero.


Mauricio Moreno / THE TIME




February 25, 2020, 08:46 a.m.

Alberto Gamero is the Millionaire coach, one of the most important teams in the country, and to be the counselor It gives you the option to comment on what you want and, above all, football.

Gamero was approached by the Colombian National Team, in which he feels qualified to speak.

Close to the first commitment against Venezuela, Gamero dared to apply for two of his players as alternatives for the coach of the Colombian team, Carlos Querioz.

“I have seen a change from John Duque. It is very good for them to see him in the midfield position, he is a player who cuts and removes many balls, ”said Gamero in Nexo, Espn’s program.

And I add: “There is also Hansel Zapata, he is unbalanced, but he still has to reach the goal. They are two players that Quiroz can watch for the Colombian National Team ”.


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