The sexy photo of Ashley Graham posing in lingerie while trying to hide her pregnancy | The opinion

Now the model is characterized by revealing every little detail of her motherhood, but it was not always like that

In spite of having actively and happily shared your pregnancy process, Just as he did now with his first weeks as a mother, it should be remembered that Ashley Graham hid that process for at least the first 5 months of gestation.

This, according to previous declarations of the celebrity, could be due to many factors, from the work commitments he had from before he learned that it would bring life to the world, to the typical concern of Do not talk about it until the fetus is well seated in the womb.

Now, almost two months after giving birth, Graham remembers those first months he had to pose in underwear pretending I wasn’t pregnant yet.

“Try hide that you are 4 months pregnant in a lingerie session ”he wrote the plus model while showing off his photoshoot in which looked radiant showing a lot of skin in a beautiful set of violet underwear.

Just a few minutes later, he made tangible with another beautiful postcard the weariness that invades her and her husband Justin after the first 6 weeks premiering as parents.

“We are not tired, you are”, the famous woman wrote in a clear tone of irony, showing as always the details of her motherhood With brutal honesty.

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