The details of the new Huawei folding: the Mate Xs


Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei on Monday presented its new folding smartphone, the Mate XS, which looks a lot like its predecessor, the Mate X, but with improved features and high price.


The new phone, which seeks to merge the characteristics of a phone and a tablet will be released for $ 2,700. Although it is a high price, about 1,000 dollars more than the Galaxy Z-Flip, folding smartphone presented at the beginning of February by the concurrent South Korean Samsung, according to Huawei its screen is 80 percent more resistant than that of the previous generation .


The Huawei Mate XS will also include two battery cells that combined will be 4,500mAh and a charger capable of 65 Wats, with which users can recharge even a laptop. That battery comes with an energy efficiency of 30 percent higher than the previous generation. In addition to an accelerated charging speed (up to 80 percent in 30 minutes) the phone incorporates a 5G processor with improved capabilities and multiband.


Huawei claims to have sold 240 million devices in 2019, despite US sanctions against it, increasing its sales by 16% in one year.


For the Chinese group to be able to attract the creators of applications to their own store, it is essential outside China to continue selling their future smartphones, because due to the ban they no longer have access to the PlayStore, Google application store and applications by Default as Google Maps or Gmail.


The Mate Xs has a 6.6-inch screen that unfolds becomes a 8.0-inch tablet. Due to the improved hinge technology with liquid metal, when the joint between the screens is extended it is not noticeable. Not like others foldable This phone folds out.


The phone also incorporates lenses of the German manufacturer Leica, which are oriented back and once folded function as cameras selfie. In terms of capabilities, it includes a 40MP main camera, an 8PM telephoto camera, a 16MP lens and a ToF lens for depth. It will have 3X optical zoom, 5X hybrid zoom and 30X digital zoom.


In terms of thickness, when extended, in the thinnest part it has 4.5mm while when it is closed it has a thickness of 11mm.


The folding phone comes with Kirin 990 processor, the same one that uses the latest high-end equipment from the manufacturer, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

The second generation of foldable of the Chinese brand will cost $ 2,700

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