The constitutional referendum in Russia will be held on April 22

The referendum to change the Constitution of Russia will take place on April 22, according to one of the members of the working group preparing the amendments, Pavel Krasheninikov, who has assured that the president, Vladimir Putin, has already given his approval to the date.

Putin is the main driver of this reform, which he announced by surprise on January 15, during the speech on the state of the nation. The proposals include limiting the number of presidential mandates and reviewing the current balance of powers, so that the Government is appointed by Parliament and not by the Head of State.

The head of the Constitutional Legislation Commission of the Federation Council (Upper House of Parliament), Andrei Klishas, ​​is the one who has proposed the date of the plebiscite. “President Putin agrees,” Krasheninikov said after meeting with the president, according to the Sputnik agency.

Putin has rejected that he will aspire to a new mandate in the Kremlin, but has not ruled out for now to continue in Russian political life. At the end of December 2019 he served 20 years in power, mostly as president except for a four-year hiatus in which, by law, he was forced to remain as prime minister.

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