Spanish football scandal splashes Real Madrid

The agents of players investigated for laundering captured young promises and when an important club was interested by some of these players they simulated that they had been signed by another club – from which they never got to wear the shirt – to sell them for more money and also with tax benefits.

The Civil Guard has informed Tuesday of an investigation, together with the Tax Agency, of several agents of footballers for tax crimes and money laundering for allegedly carrying out fictitious transfers carried out by a well-known European representation agency.

Among the Spanish teams that would have been victims of the fabric, without knowing it, are the Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Celta, Sevilla, Almería or Sporting Gijón, sources of research have been pointed out to Efe.

All these clubs have been required to contract certain players to confirm the possible crimes committed by the investigated.

Luka Jovic of Real Madrid or Stefan Savic and Nicola Kalinic Atletico are some of the players with whom they would have made false signings, without the players knowing.

According to the sources, the agency involved is Primus Consultance – formerly Lian Sports – in which Albanian Fali Ramadani and Serbian exporter Nicola Danjanak are partners, which are the two main investigated in the plot and would have introduced in Spain more than ten million euros to acquire homes, yachts and maintain a high standard of living.

The network would work since at least 2015 and it was in 2017 when the Civil Guard began the investigation of Ramadani and anjanak after they acquired luxurious homes in the Mallorcan town of Calviá.

Investigators have found that both allegedly captured players who emerged in teams from Eastern countries such as Serbia or Romania
and when they saw that a top European club noticed them they pretended to be signed by one of the clubs they controlled, such as the Apollon Limassol of Cyprus.

This way they sold it more expensive to the club of first and in addition they obtained fiscal benefits since in Cyprus the taxation For this type of operations is minimal. The players did not get to wear the shirt of the Cypriot club and only included the minimum time to ensure the sale to the large team, the sources said.

The investigation, initiated by the Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Corruption and Organized Crime, has been directed by the Central Court of Instruction 3 of the National Court, which maintains the secret cause, has specified legal sources.

In the so-called Lanigan operation, about one hundred agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) have participated of the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency.

It has been carried out in the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Almería, Valencia, Asturias, Guipúzcoa, Vitoria and Pontevedra, where registered addresses and headquarters of companies. They have also practiced fifty documentation requirements to multiple societies, football clubs and law firms.

The two main investigators would have introduced more than 10 million euros in Spain to maintain a high standard of living,
and in that operation to introduce money, a tax advisory office based on Malta and with delegations in other countries.

The workers of this office would have participated in the concealment and subsequent introduction in Spain of part of the money, as well as in the strategy of fiscal relocation to avoid paying taxes in Spain.

For the Tax Agency it is a fundamental part of the investigation to determine the tax residence of those investigated in Spain, in order to be able to impute the crimes to them, they have specified sources of the investigation.



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