Sony patents a control that would measure heart rate and sweat

Next-generation control for the PlayStation 5, the Dualshock 5, could use biofeedback – a technique that captures some bodily functions through sensors, such as heart rate-, according to a new Sony patent.

The sensor would be present on one or both sides of the control grips to track sweat secretion and heart rate. This data would be used by the console to make adjustments to the users’ gaming experience.

However, the patent does not yet reveal in detail how Sony will implement it or the changes that this new function could bring in the way video games are played. But, it does mention that, also, captured images of the user would be used, with which it is understood that the function could depend on the PlayStation camera.

As read in the patent document, the brand’s ideal is to provide “an immersive and highly interactive experience for players.” In addition, they indicate that the function was designed with the idea that it would work with Virtual Reality, which would indicate that Sony plans to strengthen virtual reality experiences.

The patent refers to the collection, analysis and updating of the information captured through biofeedback.



These biofeedback functions would help the system capture and analyze a user’s emotional responses during the game; if you have fear, emotion, joy or anger.

Because when a person experiences different emotional responses, their sweat glands are stimulated and, in addition, There are changes in heart rate that can be measured.

This patent could lead developers to search, create and implement new experiences in their titles taking advantage of this tool and to present more immersive spaces.

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