Ready to increase the budget for Colombian sports

During the opening ceremony of the Olympic swimming pool of the High Performance Center -CAR-, the Minister of Sports, Ernesto Lucena Barrero, announced an increase in the budget for programs and agreements executed from the Direction of Sports Positioning and Leadership.

As I had confirmed at the end of 2019, the 38 percent increase in the budget for the entity will allow a greater impact in the processes that benefit athletes and, in general, the National Sports System.

In the case of high performance, this effort will strengthen, among others, programs such as Talent Colombia, with a projected investment for 2020 of 7,900 million pesos. This strategy that works with the talent and sports reserve of the ‘Colombia Tierra de Athletes’, seeks to reach each region of the country to detect future world champions and / or Olympic and Paralympic medalists, with a view to Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028

Regarding the Regional Sports Development Centers, CENDER, Lucena Barrero He stressed that they will continue to strengthen in the country thanks to the 10.1 billion pesos projected for Mindeporte to continue supporting future talents in their sports training.

Similarly, 20,508 million pesos were assigned to national sports federations,
which represents an increase of 30%, or greater in some cases, compared to 2019.

The investment figures of the Excellence Athlete Program for this year also improved, since the conventional sector was assigned 12,000 million pesos (9,293 million pesos in the previous term) and the Paralympic, 4,000 million (3,018 million).

For Tokyo 2020, 29,500 million pesos were allocated distributed between the Colombian Olympic and Colombian Paralympic committees for the preparation and participation of athletes during both cycles.

The support of Mindeporte has been extended with the work and continuous support of the staff of the Sports Science Center in concentrations and competitions.

Finally, the Minister of Sports referred to the importance of enabling the Olympic pool delivered Tuesday at the High Performance Center,
especially by the MYRTHA RENOVACTION system implemented, an exclusive technology to respond to the demands of the total or partial restructuring of facilities, endorsed by the International Swimming Federation and official partner for all the events of the Olympic cycle.

In total, the Ministry of Sports invested 5,824 million pesos in the work and among the improvements made are the marking of swimming lines, targets, anchors for antlers, stainless steel antlers, in addition to other technical and structural adjustments that will allow the use of the pool to the different leagues, Federations and athletes of our country. We continue dreaming and working for a Colombia Tierra de Athletes.



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