Medellín is already in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores

Independiente Medellín qualified for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2020 by beating 4-2 in penalties to Argentine Atlético Tucumán after losing 1-0 (partial 1-0) in regular time, in the retaliation of the third phase played Tuesday in Tucumán.

The ‘Decano’ albiceleste prevailed in regular time with the goal of Leonardo Heredia (21), and thus equalized the global series 1-1, since the DIM had won by the same result in Medellin in the first leg. Atlético Tucumán, who had passed the previous stage from eleven meters before The Strongest, could not this time on the same track, since Leandro Díaz failed his shot and goalkeeper Mosquera contained Lotti’s shot, and the DIM players were right Four shipments

In this way, Independiente Medellín enters Group H of the Cup, where the Argentine Boca Juniors, Caracas FC of Venezuela and Libertad of Paraguay were waiting for him.

Pushed by some 35,000 spectators, the Tucuman team sought to impose its aggressive approach from the beginning, but it was difficult to generate game at ground level, in front of a DIM that was planted fully prepared to counterattack.

Lack of clarity to find spaces, the local team found a variant in the air game and in the stopped ball actions, and thus had a couple of favorable occasions, such as a Chilean average diverted by Toledo, and a Monzón corner that closed and it almost becomes an Olympic goal, but Andrés Mosquera cleared with his fists in a desperate effort.

On the other hand, the ‘Mighty’ waited for his occasion, but often depended on the youthful Edwin Mosquero, skilled and quick to generate a stir on the side and disturb the local defense, but too much just because Ricaurte and Arregui were more committed to the role defensive, and Caicedo crashed into the central Tucumán.

When he averaged the first half he arrived 1-0, after a rejection of Murillo that generated another shipment from above to the visiting area, Toledo lowered his head and Heredia entered the center to shoot Mosquera with a bomb that broke the net.

Thus, the Dean soon removed the urgency of achieving the global tie in the series, with almost 70 minutes ahead to go in search of more, but the local misses the roads, he repeated himself in centralizing the game when the ideal was to search for the bands, and it became foreseeable, in a first half that was consumed with several inaccuracies and a couple of strong fouls.

Atlético Tucumán tried to recover the determination at the beginning of the second half, and for a second he celebrated a goal scored by Toledo’s cue, which was correctly annulled for offside.

After 60 minutes the DIM improved, which left the siege and began to arrive frequently over the local area, with a very good task of Yulián Gómez, who found spaces to overflow on the left, and in one of those centers Mosquera hit him, the ball deflected in Caicedo and Monzón ended up clearing in the mouth of the goal.

Shortly after, after Gómez overflow, Javier Reina and Leonardo Castro collided when they arrived together to define the middle, then it was Castro who delayed the definition, and in the absence of fifteen minutes, Lucchetti showed off to cover a shot at point blank range to Caicedo at the door of the smaller area.

With the 1-1 overall, the definition extended to penalties, but this time there was no miracle for the ‘Dean’, who failed his first two shots, and on the contrary, the team of
Medellin did not fail, because Ricaurte, Cadavid, Castro and Arregui scored and gave a classification suffered to the ‘Powerful’, who gave himself the pleasure of celebrating in a complicated place.



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