Iran raises to 19 those killed by coronavirus and 139 infected

The Iranian authorities have raised to 19 those killed by the outbreak of coronavirus that already leaves 139 infected, 40 more than in the last balance offered by the Ministry of Health.

According to its spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpour, 15 new patients in Qom are among those newly diagnosed in the country, where the first cases were detected, as well as four in Tehran, the capital, according to the state agency IRNA.

Meanwhile, the president of the country, Hasán Rohani, said Wednesday that no decision has been made to impose quarantines in certain places, but so far it has been limited to people.

The president of the country, Hasán Rohani – DPA

“The coronavirus should not become a weapon for our enemies to suspend work and production in our country,” said the president, urging citizens not to pay attention to the rumors.

Rohani has stressed that there is a “reduction in the number of hospital admissions and progress in treatment.” He has also assured citizens that “they can fully trust that the figures will be accurate and should not worry,” according to the Mehr news agency.

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