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The inflamed belly is an annoying condition that is accompanied by irritable bowel, dyspepsia and fluid retention. If you suffer from abdominal bloating, know what list of foods you should avoid at all costs

One of the stomach ailments more uncomfortable is the inflammation That characterizes for symptoms such as swelling, the abdominal distension, the excess flatulence and a considerable increase in the volume of the belly; also among the main Negative effects one stands out passenger weight gain It is proven that there are some foods that cause inflammatory reactions, which are accompanied by a uncomfortable feeling and of heaviness, avoiding consumption is one of the best recommendations to avoid their annoying consequences.

The foods that inflame the most:

1. Milk and dairy

In general the family of whole dairy products how are the milk, the cheeses, the yogurt, the cream and some derived desserts, are one of the main causes of the abdominal swelling This is mainly due to its high content in lactose, which is a natural sugar It is related to a large part of digestive problems and prevents enzymes from working properly. Among the main signs of his intolerance stand out intestinal gas, pain and swelling, a good recommendation is to choose to replace the whole milk by vegetable milks like the almond, oatmeal, coconut and rice; also avoids the consumption of mature and fatty cheeses replace them with qsoft, fresh and soft bones.

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2. Cruciferous vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables among those that are popular the cabbage, the cauliflower, the Brussels sprouts, the kale and the broccoli stand out for being healthy food, they have a low calorie intake and above all they have a good content in essential nutrients However, its consumption is delicate for certain people who are sensitive before his contribution in a polysaccharide that it’s called refined, which has the peculiarity of ferment in the intestines and causes a production excessive gas that results in a reaction inflammatory of the abdomen. As a recommendation choose to consume them once a week and in steam preparations, avoid mixing them with other foods that have flatulent effects as is the case with some vegetables and meals with greasy.

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3. Refined flour

Much of the processed and industrialized products especially the variants of bread, pasta, cookies and products made with cereals, They stand out for their high composition in refined flours that have the defect of being subjected to a process that practically completely diminishes their nutritional quality, the Dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals This type of products at the same time cthey have gluten, which is one of the substances that most relate to abdominal inflammation, flatulence and problems in the intestinal transit. One of the best recommendations is limit the intake of white bread, pastries and desserts, replaces the intake of products made with 100% whole wheat flour.

refined flours
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4. Sausages

Normally the sausages they are a quick alternative and apparently fresh, however they stand out for being products highly processed, they have a high sodium content, chemical compounds and fats that have effects harmful to health. his salt intake He is primarily responsible for the fluid retention Y metabolic disorderscause a prominent inflammatory reaction and affect the digestive functioning. A good recommendation is to avoid the consumption of all kinds of sausages and replace it with the intake of lean meats like chicken and turkey.

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5. Salted fritters and snacks

The fried foods and all kinds of salty snacks they stand out for their preparation with a high oil content and also spice up with additives, chemicals and high salt content. Among its main and more serious effects is your ability to increase cholesterol levels and they do a lot slower digestion, at the same time its consumption is highly related to an increase in body fat. Try to avoid the consumption of french fries, potatoes, salty snacks, also a good tip is to cook with healthy oils such as Olive, avocado and coconut.

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