EL TIEMPO App allows you to recommend the items you like most

With the TIME app, the Publishing House has one of the best news applications of Colombia and the world at the service of users. And this is demonstrated by the rating, above 4 out of 5, that we have in download stores on mobile devices.

In our tool, we stand out for always having the best journalistic products: rigorous and serious, but also original and innovative.

And now we want that Everything our users like can be shared and recommended among them.

How is that possible? Simple: in the best style of the social networks, in our app you can react to the content you consume.

‘I have fun’, ‘I recommend it’ and ‘It gives me’ are the options we have so that, in real time, You can give a first opinion about what you read, listen and see, and let others get an idea, a first impression, of what they will find.

It’s like you’re part of the biggest newsroom in the country!

Of course, if the reactions do not end up convincing you as to what is better to consume, It will always be a good time to visit the ‘Most read’ tab, where you will find the most visited content.

We want you to be part of the community, around news, bigger: we are waiting for you!



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