Egypt dismisses Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday with a military funeral and three days of mourning

EL CAIRO, Feb. 26 (DPA / EP) –

Egypt will hold a military funeral to say goodbye to Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who led the country for almost 30 years and who resigned from power due to the pressure of mass demonstrations against him in the framework of the so-called Arab Spring in February 2011, as reported by state media.

Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for 29 years with an iron fist, died at the age of 91 on Tuesday at a military hospital in Cairo. The military funeral will begin in the courtyard of a mosque on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital, with the assistance of senior government officials, as reported by the Egyptian state television network.

Mubarak will be buried in his family’s cemetery in Cairo and the country will celebrate from this Wednesday three days of mourning for the death of the former president.

Mubarak, a retired general from the Air Force, was forced to resign from power on February 11, 2011 as a result of pressure from the wave of demonstrations demanding his resignation under the so-called Arab Spring.

In 2017, he was acquitted of the charges of complicity in the death of protesters in the 2011 protests after a long and complex judicial process that began months after he left power. Together with his two children, Mubarak was convicted in a corruption case for appropriation of public funds and served a three-year prison sentence.

According to the law passed in 1979 by the dome of the Armed Forces, Mubarak is entitled to a military funeral for having been the Chief of Staff of the Air Force during the 1973 war against Israel.

After learning about Mubarak’s death, the president of Egypt, General Abdelfatá al Sisi, defined the Egyptian ex-president as “one of the commanders and heroes” of the 1973 war, also known as the Yom Kippur war.

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