Crowd welcoming Trump on his official visit to India

Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a massive rally on 100,000 people on Monday meeting in a cricket stadium, the highlight of the two-day state visit of the US president. The two leaders highlighted their good personal and country relations in a context of commercial tensions in the world.

The meeting took place in the biggest cricket stadium in the world in the city of Ahmedabad (west), at a rally called “Namaste Trump” (“Hello Trump” in Hindi).

The relationship between India and the United States is not just that of one more partner. It’s a much deeper and bigger relationship, “Narendra Modi told Trump, who on Monday and Tuesday carries out his first official displacement in this country of 1.3 billion inhabitants.

The Republican president congratulated himself on the “phenomenal reception” in India, where he arrived on Monday. “The United States loves India. United States respects India, and the United States will always be a faithful and loyal friend of the Indian people, “Trump said, praising the cultural diversity of the Asian giant, as well as its cinema and cricketers.

About 100,000 people gathered in Sardar Patel state to listen to Trump and the Prime Minister of India.

The stands of the Sardar Patel stadium were full when the two leaders arrived. The lines to enter had begun at four in the morning. However, in the heat of the afternoon, almost half of the people left the stadium before Trump’s speech ended, according to journalists.

“We are very happy that Modi runs our country, in the way he organized this event with Trump,” said Dev Khatri, who works at a mobile phone store in Ahmedabad and who came with several friends to listen to the Indian leader.

Taj Mahal

The first day of this state visit of Donald Trump It was an exhibition of the friendship between both leaders and on Tuesday the bilateral meetings will take place.

Trump began his visit in Gujarat (west), the rich state where Narendra Modi was born and for which he was governor for a long time. The American president visited the áshram (place of meditation) of Gandhi and with his limousine toured several places in the city of Ahmedabad, decorated with huge banners welcoming him.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on her visit to Taj Mahal.

Thousands of Indians greeted him when he passed, although they were not the “millions” that Trump had predicted before his trip. He then took a plane to Agra, where he visited the Taj Mahal with first lady Melania Trump, before heading to New Delhi for a series of meetings and contract signatures on Tuesday.

The “Namaste Trump” rally at the cricket stadium was Modi’s response to a similar one held in September in Houston (United States) with the motto “Howdy Modi” (“How are you Modi”).

“We really liked that [Donald Trump] I will praise India and talk about the importance of relations between India and the United States, “said Harsh Kumar, an 18-year-old student leaving the stadium.

“He talked about crucial issues such as trade and young people as we hope he solves visa problems and innovation,” he said.

A crowd of people as they headed to the ‘Namaste Trump’ event at the Motra Stadium in Ahmedabad, India.

Trump also took advantage of the context of his visit to announce the sale to the
India worth 3 billion dollars of the “most advanced helicopters”
and other military equipment.

Away from the kilometric celebrations in honor of the American president in Gujarat, Delhi lived a day marked by the death of at least one police officer during the clashes between defenders and detractors of a controversial citizenship law that excludes Muslims.

United States and India are facing a trade war since last year and at the moment a new commercial agreement is not expected. USA UU. is unhappy with the traditional commercial protectionism of India and considers that US companies do not have sufficient access to their internal market.

Trump implied that India and the US They will sign an especially important agreement, although not during this trip. “Prime Minister Modi and I will discuss our efforts to expand economic ties between the two countries, we will make a huge trade agreement, very, very important, among the greatest ever made,” said the US president.



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