Corbyn criticizes Johnson’s response to the floods and calls him “part-time prime minister”

The leader of the opposition Labor Party of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn, has criticized on Wednesday the response given by the British leader, Boris Johnson, to the floods registered in the country during the last days and called him “part-time prime minister” .

Corbyn, who has visited some areas of Wales affected by heavy rainfall, has in turn attacked some conservatives for moving after the parliamentary recess last week to Chevening, the field residence of the Foreign Ministry.

“Does the prime minister agree with the conservative leader Barry Leis in those who have turned their backs on those affected by the floods?” Corbyn said, saying that “you cannot promise the authorities messages that support them and then turn your back on them. ”

Johnson, meanwhile, stressed that the government has been working “fully” to deal with floods. But the Labor leader has lamented the “disappearance” of the president during the last week.

Thus, he has insisted that “since the floods began they work day and night to ensure that the people of the country get the support they need.”

The storm ‘Dennis’ has resulted in three deaths for the moment and has caused serious flooding in the country, especially in southern England and Wales.

Throughout the United Kingdom, more than 300 flood warnings have been counted, although the most serious, life-threatening, are four in England and two more in Wales. The director of Floods and Coastal Management of the British Environment Agency, John Curtin, said that this is a record for the number of alerts for England.

Curtin explained that “the conditions of saturation of the terrain” caused by the passage of the storm ‘Ciara’ last weekend are those that have “caused” the serious floods in the United Kingdom in recent days.

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