17 people arrested and seized explosives in a police operation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Police have reported the arrest of 17 people and the seizure of a “huge amount” of chemicals and three homemade bombs after assaulting an “important bomb factory” last night.

The three bombs found in a building in the Tai Kok Tsui neighborhood were designed to be detonated remotely and were “close to being finished” and “ready to cause damage,” according to the RTHK television network. In total, 22 properties have been registered in an operation carried out during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

In one of the records, in a building in the neighborhood of Tai Po, the operation was hindered by a crowd that tried to prevent the entry of agents. Among them were district councilors who tried to prevent a suspect from being detained alleging the existence of an alleged fire that later proved non-existent and activating fire alarms to prevent the operation of elevators.

“A significant amount of explosives ready to be used have been seized, in addition to a huge amount of chemicals, some 2,500 kilos, ready to be processed to make even more homemade explosives,” said a police spokesman, Alick McWhirter. These explosives are very powerful and are often used by terrorist groups from other parts of the world.

The agent, belonging to the group of artisans, explained that “a tragedy has been avoided” and stressed that those responsible “do not have the slightest concern for the safety of other people” taking into account where they were making the bombs and where the have been placing. ”

The detainees would be related to a series of bomb threats remitted in the last two months in Hong Kong and to the explosion in a service of a health center in Caritas last January.

They would also be responsible for the placement of an artifact the next day in Shenzhen Bay, although the device was not activated, and other devices placed at the Lowu train station in early February. With the new explosives they tried to attack the Police, explained the police spokesman, who has not given more details about it.

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